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To strengthen our relationship with our esteemed customers, to ensure safety, security of their Property, we have initiated the under mentioned measures, to maintain and upkeep the entire layout of all projects, on all parameters at cost for 3 years, by hiring the services of professionally managed Agencies, in their respective field. Some of them are:-
The entire layout will be guarded on 24/7 basis, to ensure the safety and security of the individual property continuously, with personal touch.
Periodical cleaning of each plot, to protect from weeds, bushes on regular basis.
Regular Maintenance of the individual plant in front of each plot, for Eco friendly and Greener environment.
Periodical cleaning and maintenance of all the shoulder and storm water drains in general and each individual plot in particular.
Regular Maintenance of all the Gardens on daily basis, by Landscape specialists to beautify the same.
Daily cleaning of all the roads relevant to each plot, for litter free Zone.
Regular collection and disposal of Garbage, for the entire layout, of all the projects.
Maintenance of all the underground power cables, for safety and endurance, at regular intervals.
To ensure lighting of all the street lights, of all the layouts, during night times.
Periodical Cleaning of all the over head and UG tanks of all the Layouts, in a scientific way to ensure safe drinking water, perpetually.
Frequent maintenance of all the sewage treatment plants, by dedicated Teams, for hygiene.
Methodical maintenance of the Centralised Rainwater harvesting system, to maintain the water table continuously.
Coordinate with the plot owners for collection and payment of annual property Tax, payable to MUDA, on need basis.
Assisting the plot owners, by coordinating with the concerned authorities, for sanction of building plan for construction.
These are some of the important assignments of the Maintenance Project, specially drafted for the purpose.
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